A Bee

by steevn

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CC0, No Rights Reserved.

Download comes with copies of the songs without interludes, for yer listnin' pleasure.

Recorded in Los Angeles and Mexico CIty.


Special thanks to you guys.


released June 23, 2017

Sound effect credit: Felix Blume, Kankbeeld, Unimari

Art Credits: Alejandro Santillana edited and taken from the Public domain by Steevn. Thank Alejandro, it's a beautiful picture.




steevn Austin, Texas

postfolk, indie, voodoo traditional.

songs about the beginning.

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Track Name: Conviction
Seven long years on old death row
Four long years still left to go
Three meals a day and a bed that is cold
One man they say I killed that I didn't know

Six women I've had in my life
One woman I called my wife
Two I could say that I loved for sure
And six who walked out the door

Well one child that I have made
One life I couldn't save
"My daddy killed a man, and they put him away
My daddy killed a man, and they put him away
Put him away
Put him away"

One time I took my life.
Track Name: Triangle Theories
Triangle theories they tangle up my mind
Sometimes I wish that I could leave them all behind
But they just follow me or so it seems at times
Is this the world I'm dreaming of?

Revolutionaries are carried through the streets
Is it ordinary that I'm staring at my feet?
I get a warry look from everyone I meet
When do you know you've seen enough?
A man can only take so much

The church is ringing as I'm thinking to my self
A woman passes me I ask her if she's well
She say she's doing fine but it's too hard to tell
Will this be me in ten years time?

I sit alone with the rooftops down below
Triangle theories making sure that they are known
Just like the people I see on my phone
Is it just me or was I blind?
Or have I finally lost my mind?
These days and nights won't let me by
Until I look it in the eye

Triangle theories are crawling through my head
Another friend of mine has lost another friend
He asks a question, but it doesn't have an end
He makes an enemy inside

Black letter postings are pasted to the wall
They say that some of us have surely got to fall
So heade this warning or answer to the call
I hope you've found a place to hide
You may not make it out alive

So now you're weary and you're wasted on the way
It's now a joke what was funny yesterday
So you just close your eyes and turn to walk away
Did you find what you desired?

I'm just a ghost that you made up in your brain
I help you keep yourself a little less insane
We see those images from so far away
Triangle theories, they conspire
To fight the gospel of the liar
It wasn't us who caused the fire
But we don't have to make it higher

they're gonna kill me someday maybe.
Track Name: Right Time Now
There's a place
deep inside
you will go
but you didn't find

and when you go
I'll know
you've been there

There's a place
Deep Inside
You will go when you feel

And when you go
I'll know
That you've been there

There's a place
Deep inside
You will find
When you're not trying

And when you go
I'll know
That you've been there
Yeah when ya go
I'll know
That you've been there
Yeah when ya go
I'll know
That you've been there
Track Name: Unspoken Dialogue
She was like an angel in the sky
But with ten ghosts all around her
And I was without want to wonder why
So I took her as I found her
She says you've either never lived or you will die
As she kicks at the water
I tried my best to let my eyes describe
Whether her ghosts where fans of Faulkner

And the days they are yawning
And the nights they are cool
And she tells me of this city
I am leaving so soon

The orchestrated streets are letting go
Of the beasts which have filled them
And the world beneath our feet is moving slow
As you're staring at my eyes
You say that you don't know where we should go
And you've never felt chosen
I say then surely I could never know
As I give you my hand

And the priest is misguided
As the pale crystal spins
And I try not to fight it
As I let myself in.

**The sounds of peace**